Friday, January 29, 2010

what made them succeed?

I am not talking here about people who get rich. I am not talking about people who possess a lot of power and subdue others under authority. I am talking about those people we admire, the real people who make history. Those whom we admire because they stood the storm-- we have watched them so calm in the midst of harrowing vissicitudes in life, we have seen them unwaering before the truth. 

They are the men who believed in themselves. Chesterton would tell me that such men are in Hanwell orin lunatic hospitals. Maybe he was talking about a different breed of men. To believe in oneself is to believe in the justice of life and of God... Life and God are generous and just. They never give us less than we need, and they never give us excess than we can manage. Wise people know this and they set themselves up to cultivate what they have received from God and nature.

I was talking to a newfound friend. And our conversation came to a point where we were talking about conistency and fidelity in the choices we make in life. 

"I am afraid about deciding on..."
"And why are you so afraid?"
"Because things change. Time and seasons change, and people change with them."

Time never changes. It offers us its seasons that we may have vacation... that we may not grow old. Time never changes. It gives us its seaons that we may become wise and mature with our choices. People break up in a relationship, say marriage because they did not give the only thing that is worth giving, the only thing that must be given; they always remember the only one thing that must be forgotten: themselves.

Great people are those who have learnt this lesson. The weak ones gloat and recriminate over little things. Mature men, I mean those who write their name on the face of life do not complain. They see every little thing as a gift. And where there is change, they seize it as a moment of enrichment.


  1. Successful men are those who see beyond what is seen by most men with their visible eyes. They feel and look for a feeling which they can seize and enrich for a lifetime.