Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I wonder what is it that keeps a lot of people glued to fantasy tales and vampire novels... Hmmm. Strange thing. I do not believe in vampires, in elves and flying dragons and talking trees. But I find it healthy reading this.

If there is something that modern man has lost, it is this child-like simplicity of waking up and thinking that the sun sets at the limits of the next knoll... like thinking that the angels are mourning up above when it rains... that the rainbow are a thousand smiles of fate upon our path of human.

Fantasy is healthy. Fantasy is fun. Fantasy is the mind in exercise. And fantasy means we believe there is something beautiful beneath the monotony of just being human, that beneath its pain, there could be a haven of thrilling joy. I still believe in fairy tales, but I don't believe in Cinderella... I know the ethics of Cinderella as the sound ethics of good triumphing always over evil. I don't believe in mythical kings and princes but there is in those tales something that makes me look higher from where I am now.

Vampires are a dreary myth of those who cannot come to terms with the differences that lie between individuals. But it is healthy because we recognize there are still "witches" or people with gifts superior than ours... and,

that is why I love the world of fantasy.


  1. I agree! It stimulates your creativity. It allows you to go farther than what is real - just not far enough to the point that one cannot distinguish fantasies from facts anymore!

  2. I just often have this feeling that we can't function without dreams. Life would be strenous and really boring.